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June links.

Found some interesting stuff whilst searching about the net...

  • The Juniper Lee that almost was: Eric Wight discussing his original (rejected) character designs for Juniper Lee, with illustrations. Gotta say I like what the show went with better. This stuff's nice, but looks too much like Totally Spies! and the like.

  • From Amazon, June on DVD! The fact that CN's willing to put her on DVD is reassuring, especially combined with news of Season 3 being in the works. Now if they'd just stop screwing with her timeslot.

  • June at Fanart Central: I can't vouch for all the images here, as I haven't looked at them yet, but it's nice to know there's a June category. Actually, I just discovered this site like five minutes ago...nice to know it exists at all. Cool.

Will post more later today. Hopefully.

Update (12 May 2006 17:04 CST): Just took a closer look at that fanart page. Noticed one of the pictures is rated NC-17. Haven't clicked it, so no idea what it is, but the description sounds ... adult oriented. I think I just accidentially linked to porn. I'm going to delink the site for now until I get some clarification on what our policy is re: this sort of thing. It seems unfair not to link to all the other art there, but at the same time I'm left feeling a little uncomfortable pointing people in that direction. For the future, in general be advised: this community is in no way affiliated with and has no control over the creators or content of any page it links to, and is not responsible for what you may or may not see once you've linked off this site. Thank you.

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