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Proposal: The Helper Elf Challenge.


I've been talking with kodra22, and we thought it might be fun to try a few interactive activities on here. The screencap thread was the first thing to come out of that. We've been thinking some more, and I've been going over some of the activities other fandom communities I've been in do, and we've come up with an idea that I'd like to share.

The basic idea is this:
1) A number of people submit one-shot story summaries. Said summaries are limited to about 50 words.
2) Interested persons claim a summary and write a fic to go along with it. Because the summary can't be that detailed, there is significant leeway in what the final product might look like, so it's actually fun to write.

If you're interested in this, reply and indicate if you want to write a story and/or go ahead and submit a summary. I'll make a list of them in the post along with the name of the submitter, whether or not they're taken, and a link to the finished product if applicable.

A few simple rules.
1) Summaries should be well-formed sentences of about 50 words or less, and can be as vague or specific as you like, so long as you leave some room for interpretation.
2) The community bars "adult content," so please try to avoid anything you'd have to file as NC-17/Mature at FFN.
3) Original villians and minor characters are welcome, but please try to keep the focus on June and the rest of the canon cast.
4) More than one person may use a given summary. Differing interpretations are part of the fun. :)

Submitter Summary Status
kodra22 June is getting ready for the spring dance at her school, while the darkwood gnomes are scheming to get rid of June. A mercenary shadow troll hired by the threatens the well being of every human there. Open
liquidengineer0 She's always managed to get by with a white lie here, a fib there, but June's reputation as a flake can only excuse so much with her friends. Open
Claimed by: kodra22
Tags: activity, challenge, fic
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