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Shipping Post, the Second.

yami_no_link put up our first shipping post awhile ago. Those responses focused more on which pairing(s) people liked and why, and were a pretty good time.

The next logical question seems to be, "How does it happen?" That is, how does your couple (or couples, as the case may be) go from friendship to the next stage of affection? That is: romance/dating. I'm not asking for fic (though if you wanna write some, by all means go for it :D ), but rather, a description of the scenario--how you think it would work and why. In understanding each other's shipping preferences and broadening our own perceptions of the characters, saying "Pairing X will start like this..." is just as important as saying "I like X pairing because..."

And I'm really interested. :) kodra22 and I have had a series of discussions about the mechanics of June/Jodi and June/Marcus, and they've been some of the most interesting conversations I've had in any fandom in recent memory. I'd love to broaden the discourse if people are interested.

So if you're up to it and want to share, I'd love to hear what you have to say, even if you didn't comment on the first shipping post. I'll try to get some responses up this week (I've got my general scenario for June/Jodi in my head, but I'd really like to develop one for Ashley/Ray Ray).

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(I broke the bloody buffer! Astounding.)
My opinions may be in the minority, but I believe they are just as valid as any other.

I start with a foray into a swirling and gentle mixture of shoujo-ai high school romance action and a classic mismatch. Sweet, smooth and wonderful like chocolate and caramel. Jody and Ophelia are, as I said in the last shipping post, entirely a chiaroscuro (light-dark) waiting to happen. They have nothing in common, look at life through totally different eyes and maintain lives that should have nothing to do with each other. I suspect that both harbor a secret crush on June. Or did. They would strive for her, little noting each other as they wandered the backgrounds like shadows, reaching for a goal ever beyond their gasp. Then, one day, their goal is gone. The shadow of an imperfect form melted away, when they see June with Marcus. So they are left to the blackness of the stage, walking and talking and performing the motions as they were always meant to.

They shuffled on, dejected, rejected at that, and so alone, even with HER. Then, by chance, their hands meet. Some instinct while they are, say, at the movies and sitting on either side of June makes them reach for the popcorn that she has. They want to touch her hand, to have that much intimacy. And in the dark, they slide their fingers together, and smile, happy. Believing they have reached their temporary heaven. And June yawns, revealing their mistake. They draw their hands back suddenly, but linger just a moment, while looking across.

What follows then is weeks, or months, of wondering. Each one has half a certainty, a piece of the puzzle. They live with a stormy, pained relationship, each one sure she loves the other, but utterly terrified that the other is disagreeable. It's a long period of blushing faces, stolen looks and tears on the pillow at night. Every pass in the hallway is a nightmare, every word said with the heaviness of a sigh. With Ophelia, no one would notice, but the heaviness would hang greatest on Jody. And Ophelia, being so in love, would worry what it might be, not wanting to believe it to be the lovesickness that consumes her as well.

But being so in love, she becomes impetuous, foolish, and lucky. She stops Jody after school, not letting the other girl flee as she first asks, then begs to know what has stolen the smile from her face, where it belongs. Jody, a bright soul, too wracked by pain and heartache, admits her feelings with a flood of tears, wanting the killing stroke at last. The rejection that will send her to her knees and break her beautiful heart into a thousand pieces.

The deepest cut never comes. Instead she feels hands, soft and trembling, wiping away the tears from her eyes. Words, gentle and breathy, telling her not to cry. Not to pollute her happiness with tears. Ophelia starts to speak, every sentence dying on her lips as she fails to find the words. So instead, she leaps into the unknown, and presses her lips to Jody's. And so they are one. The Queen of Air and Darkness finding solace and comfort in the arms of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms. And she, as well, finds solace in her new partner's embrace. No more secrets, lies, or silence. Only peace and love.
The second pairing, by its nature, takes on the roles of comedy and drama. It's the story of the romance between the boy and the beast.

Ray Ray is no ordinary kid. He's a hyperactive nutcase who loves him some comic book action and plenty of real life action as well. He's got no qualms about admitting to himself that he digs Lila, even knowing that she's a wild animal, marginally magical and wholly nonhuman. He loved her when she was a pile of hair. But he can never admit it to anyone else. He flatly denies everything, even to Monroe, about the only close confidante he has. He's a bold, brash and brave little freakshow. But he's stopped cold by the idea of anyone becoming aware of his feelings, transparent as they are.

Lila is in a different boat. Taken away from a life of servile responsibility for a pack of blithering idiots, she has stripped herself of her former life by removing her hair, wearing clothes and making the effort to think, act and BE like humans. But she knows, deep down, that she's not a human. She knows sasquatch ways, not human ones. She knows the way of the woods and not the city. She doesn't understand when Ray Ray gives her gifts of limited edition ultra-mega-mint condition Boomfist comic books, or arranges for an evening alone with video games and loud music. She's just a beast, an animal wandered in from the forest primaeval. A stray dog that the Lees took in. She's not meant for love from a human. It's not that he's not of her kind. She's not of his kind. And no matter how she dresses up and pretends, she never will be.

(This next section meanders away from established canon. If I meander in defiance of unspoken rules, I accept the blame wholly.)

Ray Ray has another open secret. This one he just never bothered to formally mention. But anyone with a brain could notice it. The strange posters, folders of artpieces, rampant internet usage, the pair of ears and a tail in his closet. Ray Ray is a furry. He hasn't got a full scale suit for himself or anything, though. (All the designs he finds are too big. And he would be effectively immobile within a thick prison of latex, cloth, foamacore and wire mesh given his small limbs.) Wonder of wonders occurs, when he sees an established furcon has moved locations, now happening in Orchid Bay. He's over the moon about it. Using highly effective capitalist techniques (Begging, borrowing, stealing and working) he rustles up the cash for two three day passes. One for him, and one for the only natural furry in his whole world.

Lila is... Nonplussed, to say the least. Having just come from a state of being a walking rug, she has never understood anyone's desire to attain the form of an animal. But, she was invited, and Ray Ray seemed particularly insistent (Leg-holding, shining eyes, screaming.) She's even more confused when he gives her a fursuit that looks like a badger, his favorite species. How he got her measurements, she'll never know. But it fits well, and she can see out of it. And she feels natural inside of a furry body.

The convention itself is a whirl of sound and experience. Conversations upon conversations, colorful displays, music, laughing, dancing, playfulness and enjoyment. Other suiters compliment her on her attire, and Ray Ray on his capabilities. Slowly, she sees the line between man and beast blur. She has a mind that is not human, but is not an animal as she knows it. She has sentience, and that is the only quality that matters to anyone. She can understand what had been given to her was an invitation. To walk through the door and accept herself as a thinking being. Not human, not sasquatch, but a mind.

And after the fursuit dance, when the comedy show was about to begin in the other hall, the two slipped away, to keep on being close out in the plaza of the hotel. Lila removes her head, and blushes, herself again. The beast. Until Ray Ray gives her the peck on the cheek he's been afraid to. After that, she's just Lila. And he's just Ray Ray. And that's just perfect.
(I can't believe it. I broke the buffer by double, most of it being in the second part, apparantly.)

This also provides a chance to see Jody and Ophelia again, in a comedic rather than dramatic, sense. Jody manages to "convince" (Read: cajole) Ophelia into coming with her, in full suit. Their personalities, at least outwardly, remain in play. Ophelia comes as a stark-black goth-punk bat with raver elements added for the fursuit dances, including a vast array of glow-things. Jody is a ewe, white as fallen snow, fluffy, pretty and perfect in a pink sundress, with a parasol and small straw hat.

Just, ah, my thoughts. I hope they are well recieved.