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Shipping Post, the Second.

yami_no_link put up our first shipping post awhile ago. Those responses focused more on which pairing(s) people liked and why, and were a pretty good time.

The next logical question seems to be, "How does it happen?" That is, how does your couple (or couples, as the case may be) go from friendship to the next stage of affection? That is: romance/dating. I'm not asking for fic (though if you wanna write some, by all means go for it :D ), but rather, a description of the scenario--how you think it would work and why. In understanding each other's shipping preferences and broadening our own perceptions of the characters, saying "Pairing X will start like this..." is just as important as saying "I like X pairing because..."

And I'm really interested. :) kodra22 and I have had a series of discussions about the mechanics of June/Jodi and June/Marcus, and they've been some of the most interesting conversations I've had in any fandom in recent memory. I'd love to broaden the discourse if people are interested.

So if you're up to it and want to share, I'd love to hear what you have to say, even if you didn't comment on the first shipping post. I'll try to get some responses up this week (I've got my general scenario for June/Jodi in my head, but I'd really like to develop one for Ashley/Ray Ray).

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