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The Life & Times of Juniper Lee

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8th March 2008

jedi_argento3:34am: I don't know what is a Fic but i made an imaginary episode for an episode basing in a possible LaToJ

I don't know what is a Fic but i made an imaginary episode for an episode basing in a possible LaToJL return.
I dream to be a novelist and make books based on this series.

Imaginary episode.
Show: Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Title: A false version of a nazi treasure
Rating: Between TV-7(FV) and TV-14. for WWII and catholic christianism references. Violent content.
Media: Imagination

Juniper, Ray Ray and Monroe discovers in a abandoned catolic temple, a bigger treasure which had belong to Adolf Hitler. Without realising his spirit wakes up and makes junk machines become in a bionic robots army (based in the nazi army in WWII) with only one objetive, conquer the entire city and kill the desecraters of his loved treasure, a strange golden statue of him supporting the earth with thorns.
June & his group must stop the plans of this terrible enemy and save the city from the chaos.

-one of the characters could die (Not June don't worry).
-is NOT an official episode sinopsis, its IMAGINARY.
-i HATE hitler.

USE your imagination. Just for this i made this.

1st November 2007

liquidengineer07:08pm: New fic! Bad Karma
Done for kodra22 as part of a meme challenge thing.

Based on the following prompt: Write a scene where June witnesses someone close to her become physically/emotionally hurt by a magical entity.

Category: Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Title: Bad Karma
Pairing: June/Jody (yes, I've finally written a fic using this pairing. :-D)
Genre: Drama/Family
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: Juniper reminds several demons why harming her family is a very bad
idea, as witnessed by Jeff the Leprechaun, who can't seem to call anyone by
their real name. Futurefic.

Any feedback strongly appreciated. Enjoy!
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25th July 2007

liquidengineer09:21pm: Fic: Little Sister Shotgun
I did another oneshot June fic after getting bludgeoned with a plotbunny. There's really not enough Dennis fic in the world. Meant as a sort of companion to Vessels Passing in the Night. The Lee brothers are fun when they're introspective. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think. :)

Title: Little Sister Shotgun
Summary: Surprisingly, Dennis was never close to his sister, but until he learned the truth, it never really bothered him. After a particularly nasty night, he realizes he wants that to change, and admits something about himself he had done his best to ignore.
Ratings: T
Words: 7229
Link: Story at FFN
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16th June 2007

liquidengineer04:51pm: Fanfiction.net Juniper Lee Category.
Yes, that's right. I put in a request earlier (though I might not have been the first), and now there's a Juniper Lee category under "Life and Times of Juniper Lee." If you've got any June fics on FFN, you'll be able to switch the category listing by going to Edit Story after logging in. :)


(Crossposted to liquidengineer0.
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22nd April 2007

liquidengineer08:26pm: Juniper Lee Cancelled.
Sad end to a weird day that began with me almost blinding myself. This is from 3 March 2007. If you're like me, you haven't heard about it yet.


It's official. With at least one unaired episode to go, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is no more.

At least we still have fandom, though, right? I intend to keep posting fics as the inspiration strikes me. This community will not be closing. :)

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9th April 2007

liquidengineer08:45pm: Vessels Passing in the Night
I wanted to see if I could write a June drabble with a sort of quirky plotbunny that popped in my head yesterday, and this is the result. It's 400 words, so it's 4x drabble length, but it's still the shortest complete story I've ever written. I'm pretty happy with it, and hope you enjoy. :)

Title: Vessels Passing in the Night
Summary: Surprisingly, Ray Ray was very good at playing possum. Not that it was easy. But it was worth it. People did all sorts of interesting things when they thought you were asleep. Ray Ray reflects on this.
Ratings: PG
Words: 510
Link: Story at FFN
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7th February 2007

liquidengineer08:50pm: New Juniper Lee ep! Online! For Free!
darkowl86 has made me aware that there is an unaired, full episode of Juniper Lee that is very likely a part of season 4. Go to the video link at the bottom of this page and it's there (for now).

It's Windows only, unfortunately, so I haven't seen it yet. It's also region-limited. If you're outside the US, you won't be able to see it. kodra22 tells me it rocks hardcore.
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3rd February 2007

hello_mousie9:10pm: Intro screencaps

Screen caps of Juniper Lee intro. Small but maybe someone will find them useful :)

links to screencaps behind the cutCollapse )

25th November 2006

liquidengineer03:52pm: New Fanfic.

I just finished my first Juniper Lee fanfic and posted it to FFN. If you're interested, I've included the relevant information.

Title: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Summary: June has repeatedly manipulated the memories of others. When that manipulation has unintended consequences, she is forced to confront the reality of what she's done, and the consequences.
Ratings: PG
Words: 6811
Link: Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Enjoy. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. :)
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3rd November 2006

liquidengineer09:25pm: Sealed with a Fist: Wowzers.
That was totally wicked. The question we've all been pondering has been answered. More thoughts on this once I've calmed down a bit, but...

Spoilers. Srsly.Collapse )

So, this is something I'm really starting to notice: June's hair takes a lot of punishment. She must use some awesome product to keep it looking as good as it does. Or some sort of magical hair restoration tool/spell for those magical beings with active lifestyles.
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8th October 2006

kodra227:25pm: Theory on the creation of the Veil
After watching Out of the Past a few more times, a theory as popped into my head. It seems all too likely that Kai Yee is the reason that the Veil was created. We know that the Veil was created sometime in the past 400 years (Auntie Roon was banished when the Veil didn't exist). Kai Yee was fighting to prevent a war between Magic and Humans, which seems to indicate that at his time their wasn't a veil either. He also was a relatively young Te Xuan Ze when he attacked the elders, as he looks to be in either his 20s or 30s. It is entirely likely that he didn't leave behind an heir to the mantle. Because of this, the war that Kai Yee was holding back would be inevitable. The Elders at this point decided to seperate Magic and Humanity through the creation of the Veil.

It seems like a lot of hypothesis, but there's a decent amount of evidence. One thing that I noticed in this show was that Ah Mah absolutely loathed Kai Yee, on a level that she didn't even display to HAM. It puzzled me greatly, because even if he was an evil Te Xuan Ze, the vehement hatred she had for him seems uncharacteristic. But if this is the case, if Kai Yee is responsible for the Veil, the Barrier, all of that, then any Te Xuan Ze would hate him for what he did to them. You will also notice that Jasimine called Kai Yee "Their Greatest Curse". Further evidence for my theory.

What else can we gather from this episode? Well, we know that Monroe trained Kai Yee, as he was the aide to the Te Xuan Ze during the banishment of Auntie Roon. It is as such interesting that Monroe was not there to help Jasimine fight him, but it's possible that seeing his greatest failure again would be too much for the Scottish advisor. It is an interesting prospect to think about. Monroe's failure to teach Kai Yee the restraint necessary could have been because the imminent war between Magic and Humanity. Something tells me that Monroe's never really shrugged that off.

Anyways, that's my theory. If you have any thoughts or criticisms, feel free to post or IM me.

25th September 2006

liquidengineer010:10pm: Shipping Post, the Second.
yami_no_link put up our first shipping post awhile ago. Those responses focused more on which pairing(s) people liked and why, and were a pretty good time.

The next logical question seems to be, "How does it happen?" That is, how does your couple (or couples, as the case may be) go from friendship to the next stage of affection? That is: romance/dating. I'm not asking for fic (though if you wanna write some, by all means go for it :D ), but rather, a description of the scenario--how you think it would work and why. In understanding each other's shipping preferences and broadening our own perceptions of the characters, saying "Pairing X will start like this..." is just as important as saying "I like X pairing because..."

And I'm really interested. :) kodra22 and I have had a series of discussions about the mechanics of June/Jodi and June/Marcus, and they've been some of the most interesting conversations I've had in any fandom in recent memory. I'd love to broaden the discourse if people are interested.

So if you're up to it and want to share, I'd love to hear what you have to say, even if you didn't comment on the first shipping post. I'll try to get some responses up this week (I've got my general scenario for June/Jodi in my head, but I'd really like to develop one for Ashley/Ray Ray).

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22nd September 2006

liquidengineer011:06pm: Leila.
I'm going to apologize in advance. I'm sleepy, so parts of this may be a bit ... off. But I really wanted to make sure I got this out there before I forgot what I wanted to say.

So, I watched tonight's episode, and while it was wonderfully funny madness of hair and cross dressing dogs that actually deserves a lot more detailed discussion than I'm prepared to give right now, but I wonder...

Does anyone else feel annoyed by Leila?

Don't get me wrong. I think she's a cool character. I like that she's actually drawn in a way that's foreign enough to say "I'm not human," but not alien enough to make the fact that she can blend in believable. I also appreciate the detail they put into how she moves and fights.

But her presence irks me to a degree. We were told one of June's friends will find out the secret. How many here assumed--wanted--it to be human friend? We're far more emotionally invested in them at this point. And it would've required a real change of the status quo re: telling secrets to people who aren't supposed to know them.

So yes, if it turns out that Leila is who he was talking about, and not one of the characters I've spent the last two seasons falling in love with, I'll feel very let down.

But we got Leila, and so far one of her main functions seems to be to remove non-magical life/magical life conflict for June. In "Citizen June" she spent most of the ep looking for the demon thing so June would be free to run for President. To me, this sort of thing removes a lot of the best kind of conflict in the show: June having to actively balance both of her lives. With Leila in play, that doesn't seem to be nearly the same sort of problem it used to be. She's like a helper elf that isn't a con man.

Then there's the issue of just how capable she's turning out to be. Yes, they had the sense to make sure she doesn't approach June's level of power, but she can still hold her own in a battle. This also irks me. I want to watch June deal with these things. I'm not nearly as interested in Juniper Lee and Her Amazing Friends, especially when the Amazing Friend in question was just introduced two weeks ago and is eating up screen time that'd go to her other friends that, as I've said, have been around for two seasons and not gotten nearly enough showing. Then there's the matter of how she repeatedly showed June up just in this ep (I didn't see "Feets to Big," unfortunately).:

She can "smell evil" and pegs the purple thing as a fake right off. Note that for dramatic purposes not only does June not believe her, but she also become this frightening baby-talking version of herself that really doesn't make a lot of sense. The thing is cute, but not that cute. That whole stretch, IMHO, made June look like a complete idiot. And though she's made a few mistakes before, the one thing June is not ... is an idiot. Sure, Jasmine knows more than she does, but Jasmine's 69, and June's only been at this for about a year with a couple years to train.

The whole back to nature montage after the power went out. Yes, Leila should be used to doing without modern conveniences, but she was a virtual McGuyver. Not only did she have a solution for every situation, but by the end of the ep Jody, Ophelia, and Roger wanted to spend more time with Leila and June had become almost a third wheel. That she didn't seem to mind seemed off to me...this is the girl that normally flips out every few eps because she doesn't get to spend time with her friends. Where's the righteous indignation and jealousy she felt towards Ashley? I'm not saying June has to hate Leila. I just want an explanation for the difference.

And finally, the matter of Leila's essential otherness. June has to work her butt off to blend in. It causes problems for her and hurts her relationships with her friends (she made Jody cry in "Citizen June," and I don't think that just had to do with Jody being nervous about the election). She had to throw several competitions by order of Monroe to conceal her powers. (BTW, I agreed with Monroe on the necessity of this.)

But Leila gets to dig giant holes in the ground ... in about five seconds ... and bury meat and eat bark, and no one seems to think anything beyond "she's weird." That's almost buyable, if not for the speed at which she dug the hole. No one notices her leaving the school with all those books and raises the WTF alarm. Less easy to swallow because someone besides June should've noticed, but still basically plausible.

But June could've made it look normal if she'd won every event at the sports event thing. The "Leila Treatment" whereby Leila created enough force by waving her arms to blowdry Ophelia's hair with more force than a powered blowdrier is simply not physically possible for a normal 11 year old human. Suspension of disbelief only gets you so far. How did none of them catch on to the fact she's got super strength? Ophelia at least should've noticed. She's the shrewdest out of all the human friends. The only explanation I can think of is "plot hole for the sake of Leila's awesomeness," and as you might imagine I'm not entirely thrilled with that.

That last sentence is an understatement.

So Leila is using abilities and knowlege of the type June has to hide to make herself more popular. June could do this, but doesn't because it would violate the whole "Veil of Secrecy" thing she's supposed to be upholding. And she still gets stuck as the Princess of Flakes.

So it comes down to this. Am I the only one that's getting the feeling that Leila is veering heavily towards being a Mary Sue? That maybe she's already there, to some extent?

I realize this may have come off a bit harsh, but I felt like I needed to get this off my chest.

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3rd September 2006

iceclimbers879:38pm: Hey, Im new to here. Glad to see there's more June fans than I thought. so..sup! I like..june x jody (if that's okay here)

hmm how to go about with this first post here..uh..A stupid gif I made!

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30th August 2006

yami_no_link6:33am: who will it be?
One of June's Friends is gonna find out about ber this season but who will it be?

a. Jodi
b. Ophelia
c. Roger
d. Marcus
e. Other

evaluation: if it's Jodi a lot of shippers will be happy, if it's Ophelia, well we know for certain she'll be okay that magic creatures and demons exist, Roger... is Roger, and Marcus and June will be happy if it's Marcus, and since they never specified if it was an existing friend I added other 'Just in case'

1st August 2006

kodra221:40pm: New June Confirmed
New June slated for August 16th, a wednesday. A bit quizzical as to the scheduling decisions, but I'm not gonna complain, as this means I get to see new June. Judd gives a few spoilers at Comiccon, it looks like this is gonna be one helluva season.



19th June 2006

kodra2211:05pm: Latest Episodes
If you haven't seen Dog Show Afternoon, you should. It's going to be on next on Thursday (22nd) at 10:00 est and then Friday (23rd) at 10:30 est. This episode includes one of the saddest scenes I've seen in a cartoon. It's also important for any fan to watch. If you don't catch it, you can head to YouTube to see the scene I was referring to.

We're also coming up on the season finale entitled Dream Date. I'm personally looking forward to this ep alot. It premieres tomorrow (Tuesday 20th) at 7:00 est. I would catch these before they start with the reruns.


9th June 2006

liquidengineer03:09pm: Welcome, Part Deux.
So, I was looking at the community info page last night, and noticed we had a number of new members. Fantastic! I just wanted to take the time to say hello to everyone. Feel free to introduce yourselves on this thread if you want, so we can all get to know each other. Have a nice day! :)

Also, I'm going to mess around with the layout some more this weekend and see if I can't put up some useful persistent links. I'm working on tagging important posts (challenges and other notices and stuff like this) so it'll be easier to find.

Later days!
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20th May 2006

liquidengineer09:38pm: Proposal: The Helper Elf Challenge.

I've been talking with kodra22, and we thought it might be fun to try a few interactive activities on here. The screencap thread was the first thing to come out of that. We've been thinking some more, and I've been going over some of the activities other fandom communities I've been in do, and we've come up with an idea that I'd like to share.

The basic idea is this:
1) A number of people submit one-shot story summaries. Said summaries are limited to about 50 words.
2) Interested persons claim a summary and write a fic to go along with it. Because the summary can't be that detailed, there is significant leeway in what the final product might look like, so it's actually fun to write.

If you're interested in this, reply and indicate if you want to write a story and/or go ahead and submit a summary. I'll make a list of them in the post along with the name of the submitter, whether or not they're taken, and a link to the finished product if applicable.

A few simple rules.
1) Summaries should be well-formed sentences of about 50 words or less, and can be as vague or specific as you like, so long as you leave some room for interpretation.
2) The community bars "adult content," so please try to avoid anything you'd have to file as NC-17/Mature at FFN.
3) Original villians and minor characters are welcome, but please try to keep the focus on June and the rest of the canon cast.
4) More than one person may use a given summary. Differing interpretations are part of the fun. :)

Submitter Summary Status
kodra22 June is getting ready for the spring dance at her school, while the darkwood gnomes are scheming to get rid of June. A mercenary shadow troll hired by the threatens the well being of every human there. Open
liquidengineer0 She's always managed to get by with a white lie here, a fib there, but June's reputation as a flake can only excuse so much with her friends. Open
Claimed by: kodra22
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13th May 2006

liquidengineer08:21pm: Screen Capture Thread.
With June coming to DVD soon, it'll be a lot easier to get screen caps (theoretically). So I'm thinking we could do a thread for cap requests, for use as desktops or icons. To that end, I'll start us off. Comment and your requests will be added to the list.

If you wanna put up a cap, reply to the requesting comment with a link and it'll be added to the master list.

  • A cap of June holding Jodi immediately after June saves her from falling off the tower after being de-possessed in It Takes a Pillage, just around the point where she's waking up and is very much "WTF?." Requested by:liquidengineer0

I'm The Only One ^-^ Melissa Ethridge
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liquidengineer04:41pm: June links.
Found some interesting stuff whilst searching about the net...

  • The Juniper Lee that almost was: Eric Wight discussing his original (rejected) character designs for Juniper Lee, with illustrations. Gotta say I like what the show went with better. This stuff's nice, but looks too much like Totally Spies! and the like.

  • From Amazon, June on DVD! The fact that CN's willing to put her on DVD is reassuring, especially combined with news of Season 3 being in the works. Now if they'd just stop screwing with her timeslot.

  • June at Fanart Central: I can't vouch for all the images here, as I haven't looked at them yet, but it's nice to know there's a June category. Actually, I just discovered this site like five minutes ago...nice to know it exists at all. Cool.

Will post more later today. Hopefully.

Update (12 May 2006 17:04 CST): Just took a closer look at that fanart page. Noticed one of the pictures is rated NC-17. Haven't clicked it, so no idea what it is, but the description sounds ... adult oriented. I think I just accidentially linked to porn. I'm going to delink the site for now until I get some clarification on what our policy is re: this sort of thing. It seems unfair not to link to all the other art there, but at the same time I'm left feeling a little uncomfortable pointing people in that direction. For the future, in general be advised: this community is in no way affiliated with and has no control over the creators or content of any page it links to, and is not responsible for what you may or may not see once you've linked off this site. Thank you.

The Safety Dance ^-^ Men Without Hats
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6th May 2006

static_eddie1:58am: Just a sketch
Just thought I'd share this with the group and say hello at the same time!

This scene was cut from a Cartoon UK spot which aired last fall...she's on a skateboard, trying to push Omi (from Xaolin) off her.

25th April 2006

kodra228:21pm: Sent the maker of the show an email with some questions. Little did I expect to get an email back.

On Apr 9, 2006, at 11:22 PM, -DELETED- wrote:

> Mr. Winnick,
> I'm a fan of your animated series, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
> It's easily one of the most progressive shows on Cartoon Network, with
> both some of the freshest humor (being a long time dork, I appreciate
> alot of the reference humor) and dazzling art.

I'm so glad you dig it.

> Through various efforts, me and another fan of yours have been
> attempting to foster the fan community through various means:
> Wikipedia, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, and various other communities.

that sounds great! Thanks for the support!

> It's come to my attention that there's a bit of confusion about
> several minor points that I would appreciate if you could answer, or
> else let me know that such information has never been released.
> 1) The Wikipedia site lists Marcus' last name as Carsner. I've seen
> little evidence to support this claim, and am wondering if the
> character of Marcus has been even given a last name.

Marcus Conner.

> On the same
> line, I personally am curious whether the character of Marcus will
> appear again, as Cartoon Network seems to promote him as a main
> character.

Yep. he'll be around a bunch.
> 2) How is the name "Jody"/"Jodi" spelled. This is another case where
> I haven't seen any good indication one way or another, and for the
> longest time it was spelled "Jodi" and recently the spelling "Jody"
> has emerged.

It's spelled Jody.

> Also, kudos on your episode "There's no Mitzvah like
> snow Mitzvah". It and "Adventures in Babysitting" have easily been
> the most enjoyable episode this season.

thanks, we were quite happy with it ourselves.

> 3) How old are the characters in the show? The common belief seems
> to be that June and her friends are 11, Ray Ray is 8, and that Dennis
> is 17.

you're on the money with June and ray ray but Dennis is 14.
> 4) What is the status of season three? I read somewhere that you
> were working on one even before season two had debuted. Has Cartoon
> Network elected to pick it up? Or if not, have you talked to any
> other networks?

we're well into production on season 3. The episodes will begin
airing this summer.

> Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Any response is most
> appreciated, and I hope you keep up the good work.
> Devoted Fan

Thanks again for the support:)
be well,

Judd "one 'n' in" Winick

13th April 2006

yami_no_link7:37pm: Juniper Lee meets the Easter Bunny!
Tommorow at 10AM and again at 9PM they're showing a Juniper Lee Easter special, according to the Comcast description, she has to aid the easter bunny when the chickens who lay the eegs revolt

2nd April 2006

yami_no_link8:13pm: more June lee sites
today I found a June lee site http://juniperlee.memebot.com/ and a juniper lee deviantart group http://juniperlee-fans.deviantart.com/ now we need to alert them to our presence, as they already know of eachother
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