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Theory on the creation of the Veil

After watching Out of the Past a few more times, a theory as popped into my head. It seems all too likely that Kai Yee is the reason that the Veil was created. We know that the Veil was created sometime in the past 400 years (Auntie Roon was banished when the Veil didn't exist). Kai Yee was fighting to prevent a war between Magic and Humans, which seems to indicate that at his time their wasn't a veil either. He also was a relatively young Te Xuan Ze when he attacked the elders, as he looks to be in either his 20s or 30s. It is entirely likely that he didn't leave behind an heir to the mantle. Because of this, the war that Kai Yee was holding back would be inevitable. The Elders at this point decided to seperate Magic and Humanity through the creation of the Veil.

It seems like a lot of hypothesis, but there's a decent amount of evidence. One thing that I noticed in this show was that Ah Mah absolutely loathed Kai Yee, on a level that she didn't even display to HAM. It puzzled me greatly, because even if he was an evil Te Xuan Ze, the vehement hatred she had for him seems uncharacteristic. But if this is the case, if Kai Yee is responsible for the Veil, the Barrier, all of that, then any Te Xuan Ze would hate him for what he did to them. You will also notice that Jasimine called Kai Yee "Their Greatest Curse". Further evidence for my theory.

What else can we gather from this episode? Well, we know that Monroe trained Kai Yee, as he was the aide to the Te Xuan Ze during the banishment of Auntie Roon. It is as such interesting that Monroe was not there to help Jasimine fight him, but it's possible that seeing his greatest failure again would be too much for the Scottish advisor. It is an interesting prospect to think about. Monroe's failure to teach Kai Yee the restraint necessary could have been because the imminent war between Magic and Humanity. Something tells me that Monroe's never really shrugged that off.

Anyways, that's my theory. If you have any thoughts or criticisms, feel free to post or IM me.
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