kodra22 (kodra22) wrote in juniper_lee,

Sent the maker of the show an email with some questions. Little did I expect to get an email back.

On Apr 9, 2006, at 11:22 PM, -DELETED- wrote:

> Mr. Winnick,
> I'm a fan of your animated series, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
> It's easily one of the most progressive shows on Cartoon Network, with
> both some of the freshest humor (being a long time dork, I appreciate
> alot of the reference humor) and dazzling art.

I'm so glad you dig it.

> Through various efforts, me and another fan of yours have been
> attempting to foster the fan community through various means:
> Wikipedia, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, and various other communities.

that sounds great! Thanks for the support!

> It's come to my attention that there's a bit of confusion about
> several minor points that I would appreciate if you could answer, or
> else let me know that such information has never been released.
> 1) The Wikipedia site lists Marcus' last name as Carsner. I've seen
> little evidence to support this claim, and am wondering if the
> character of Marcus has been even given a last name.

Marcus Conner.

> On the same
> line, I personally am curious whether the character of Marcus will
> appear again, as Cartoon Network seems to promote him as a main
> character.

Yep. he'll be around a bunch.
> 2) How is the name "Jody"/"Jodi" spelled. This is another case where
> I haven't seen any good indication one way or another, and for the
> longest time it was spelled "Jodi" and recently the spelling "Jody"
> has emerged.

It's spelled Jody.

> Also, kudos on your episode "There's no Mitzvah like
> snow Mitzvah". It and "Adventures in Babysitting" have easily been
> the most enjoyable episode this season.

thanks, we were quite happy with it ourselves.

> 3) How old are the characters in the show? The common belief seems
> to be that June and her friends are 11, Ray Ray is 8, and that Dennis
> is 17.

you're on the money with June and ray ray but Dennis is 14.
> 4) What is the status of season three? I read somewhere that you
> were working on one even before season two had debuted. Has Cartoon
> Network elected to pick it up? Or if not, have you talked to any
> other networks?

we're well into production on season 3. The episodes will begin
airing this summer.

> Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Any response is most
> appreciated, and I hope you keep up the good work.
> Devoted Fan

Thanks again for the support:)
be well,

Judd "one 'n' in" Winick
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