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The Life & Times of Juniper Lee

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1st April 2006

liquidengineer09:49pm: Wiki Stuff.
I've created a page for Juniper Lee quotes over on Wikiquote and linked it through the external links section at the Wikipedia article. There's only two quotes up as of now, but hopefully someone will come along and add more...

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yami_no_link8:01pm: a reminder.....
Tomorrow, April 2, 2006, at 11:30 Am is a repeat of 'Adventures in Babysitting' an important episode to the continuity, besides I know we all need a to satisfy our June needs after that disappointing lack of a new episode this weekend...

30th March 2006

yami_no_link9:43pm: water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink....
everytime I come here I notice another fan of Juniper lee , so why are we down on membership? we need to recruit!

26th March 2006

yami_no_link8:54pm: First Shipping Post
Do any of you ship any Juniper Lee pairings? you know,... June x Marcus(the canon), June x Jodi, June x Ophelia, Ray Ray x Ashley, or any others I failed to list....

I'll tell you who i ship later....

25th March 2006

liquidengineer010:36am: The anger. It burns.
Juniper Lee's saturday timeslot now belongs to Kids Next Door.

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yami_no_link8:16am: Adventures in Babysitting
So, what did you guys think of the new episode? We finally got to see how June and Ray Ray got their powers. and there was a little foreshadowing as Jasmine said "It's not that Ray Ray doesn't have any other powers but that he doesn't have any other powers, yet."

21st January 2006

kodra2212:40pm: The Great Escape
Personally I really enjoyed this episode, partially because it was standard June Hilarity, and secondly because it's probably the second most dangerous endeavor June has encountered (The first being her brush with HAM at Magic Con).

I'll say I'm a bit dissappointed to see the lack of interaction between June and her Friends, so today's brief intro was very refreshing. "Uhh, hello June. Are you supposed to be Dr Doolittle or something". June raises one more notch on the flake-o-meter with Ophelia. Not sure exactly how Jodi views June's odd behaviors, after many long discussions with LE have caused me to view their friendship in a much more serious light. But that's for another time. June dressed up as a ninja was sweet, but she got out smarted this time. The Zookeeper was clearly her intellectual superior, but was eventually defeated by June's considerable power (she had a bit of help from Monroe and her Brother).

June acted perfectly as both a lemur and a convict. Hysteria and anger seem to be her two most defining qualities, and she also proved she's not above using her powers to get her waffles.

All in all, I love this ep, but I'm gonna be one sad panda if we don't see more interaction between her and her non magical friends.


17th January 2006

liquidengineer09:56pm: The Body Electric.

I've come into a copy of June and her brothers doing I Sing the Body Electric from the Talent Show episode. It's not easy to find, and I had to register for one of those yousendit type services to get it. Needless to say the process was annoying and confusing, so I decided to mirror the file on my webserver. Enjoy.

Click to Download "I Sing the Body Electric."

Edit (18 January 2006 1844 Central Time): Um, thanks to earlofrochester for pointing out that I wasn't actually linking to anything. That should be fixed now. I think.
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13th January 2006

liquidengineer011:19pm: Amateur Icon Hour.
In honor of new June tomorrow, and because I wanted some more, I've made a couple June icons. Nothing special, as I have nil icon making experience. Just a couple screencap crop-shrink-and-sharpen jobs. Free to whoever wants them.

(I didn't do a June/Ophilia one from the screencap where June and Jodi are standing next to each other cause I'm tired and it's late here. May do it later if someone really wants it.
I don't suppose anyone who knows how would be willing to put a "WTF?" text overlay over Jodi's head?

Edit (1.14.06, 1444 Central Time): Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to earlofrochester for the "WTF?" pic. Everything remains free to use at your leisure. All I ask is that you credit the source and comment here saying which one(s) you took. Have a nice day.

June on Phone

June and Jodi

June and Jodi WTF

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12th January 2006

liquidengineer010:01pm: New June and community advertising.
Hi there. Just wanted to remind all seven of you to be on the lookout for new June on Saturday, January 14 at 1030 Central/1130 Eastern. The first episode, according to The One Wiki, centers on Ray Ray testing a growth potion on himself.

Someday, somewhere, someone will flip a switch in the Room of Universal Constants and magically inclined parental figures everywhere will realize now and forever that leaving a growth potion out and unattended with children near is a Very Bad Thing.

With any luck, the new season should attract more members to our humble community. I would encourage all of you to post messages pointing out the existence of this community in forums which you feel would be receptive, but at the same time, be judicious. There's a great body of June-flamers out there, and I'd rather not draw their attention. If you have ideas about attracting more members and would like to discuss them, please comment here. I'm considering putting up a note at the Cartoon Network board over at Toonzone. Thoughts?
On a related note, I'm now a moderator. If anyone is interested in sprucing up our theme or something similar, or would like certain settings changed let me know.

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31st December 2005

yami_no_link10:15am: What else do you like...?
yeah I know this is a Juniper Lee community, I made it after all, but what other shows do you like, i like? I like Avatar:The Last Airbender and Danny Phantom to name two....

also I need another moderator for the community cause i can't log on livejournal as often anymore, as you've probably noticed....

13th December 2005

kodra2212:06am: New June

Sounds like they're playing new June on the SatAM lineup CN is pitching. I believe I speak for all of us when I say "AWESOME". Not only do I get to see new June, I also get to watch cartoons as god intended, saturday morning with a bowl of sugary cereal. Reliving my childhood for the win!


28th November 2005

kodra2212:00am: Your Not So Average Paranormal Event
A new Juniper Lee Fanfiction was posted on Fanfiction.net by Fizzy13, and so far it has some intriguing premises. It's about Nazi's dabbling with magic and their interaction with Juniper Lee. As a fan of both Hellboy and Indiana Jones, I'm looking forward to this fanfiction. Here's a link if you want to check it out.


Hope you all enjoy it. All two of you.


11th November 2005

liquidengineer05:25pm: Songfics.
So, yeah. How do ya'll feel about them? Are they a worthwile form of story-telling in and of themselves? I personally have never written one and don't plan to as I really see it as a kind of heavy handed way of establishing emotional tone, and usually prefer more subtle approaches in fics, though I often will "theme" a chapter or one-shot by listening to a certain song I think fits the mood I'm going for in order to get myself in that mood as I write.


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4th November 2005

liquidengineer06:05pm: Hi there!
Just wanted to take a moment to say hello to our newest members,frankenchris, whatnotinsel, and zeamazingbrando and welcome them to the community. :) Hope you guys enjoy.

21st October 2005

liquidengineer09:51pm: Wiki Entry
Hi. I've updated the Wikipedia page on Juniper Lee (the show, not the girl ... who has her own entry, just to complicate things) with links to this community and the show's official fanlisting. (that is, acknowledged by thefanlistings.org).

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19th October 2005

kodra226:15pm: Juniper Lee Discussion
Let's get some discussion going.

As I've been thinking about Juniper Lee, and talking with endymion84, I got to thinking about her brothers. Specifically, how old are they?

We know that June and Marcus are 11 from "Enter Sandman" and it's safe to say that Jodi, Ophelia, and Roger are the same. Her parents age isn't terribly relevant, Ah Mah's could become relevant but it'd be harder to guess at that. Her brothers though are pretty important to June, and as a Fanfiction author, this could become a point of contention. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that Ray-Ray is anywhere from 1-4 years younger than June. I tend to view him as either 2-3 years younger (8-9 age range). Dennis is most likely in High School, but how old is still a question.

Let's here some input on this topic.

Also, the chat room JuniperLeeDiscussion is still up and running. Let's try to get this place moving.


10th October 2005

kodra2210:48pm: For all interested, I've created the AIM Chat channel JuniperLeeDiscussion. I'll be keeping it open pretty much indefinitely (or as long as I can keep a WinBox running).

To join using AIM, go to People->Send a Chat Invitation then send the invitation to your screenname, and for the chat room name, type JuniperLeeDiscussion.

If you're using GAIM, DeadAIM, or Trillian, all you need to do is send yourself an invitation. It's really easy with GAIM, not sure about everything else.

I'll be in the chat pretty much 24/7 but that doesn't mean I'll always be at the computer. I'm not always good with Away Messages, if I don't reply, assume I'm not there.

Anyways, look forward to fostering some more Juniper Lee Discussion.

kodra224:37pm: Well hello everyone. Endymion pointed me here, and I've been looking for a community of Juniper Lee fans.

I've actually also been requesting a place for Juniper Lee fanfiction, as well as submitting my own fanfiction for the catagory.

I figure since it looks like I've got some time for this I'll post the fanfiction here so I can get input before I release it.

Title: The Life and Times of Juniper Lee: Adventures in Petsitting
Rating: PG
Link: http://www.users.muohio.edu/scottbp/JLee.doc

If you read this and have any input/criticism whether good or bad, please let me know by emailing me at:
kodra22 (at symbol) gmail (dot) com

Or send me an AIM at: Kodra22



9th October 2005

liquidengineer01:49pm: Juniper Lee Haloween Special
Juniper Lee Halloween Special is on tonight at 6:30 CST. June dressed as Elvis=awesome. Also, Jodi seems to be able to see magical creatures again. Interesting.


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6th October 2005

liquidengineer09:49pm: Juniper Fics.
There's not a Juniper Lee category on FFN yet, but searching site-wide does yield some results ... four to be exact. I just requested a category, so maybe we'll see one in about a month or so (I think that's the average turnaround time). Three of them are crossovers. The one that isn't has a psycho evil Roger and is actually quite disturbing. I haven't looked at the crossovers yet. I'm not really a Jake Long or Danny Phantom fan.

They can be found here.

BTW, is anyone here? ;)
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29th September 2005

liquidengineer09:47pm: Juniper Lee Character Study.
I posted this in my journal a while ago as a quasi humorous analytical piece. I thought I would reproduce it here for your potential enjoyment.

Please note, the following is not meant to be taken (completely) seriously. Unless you're a fanfic author. The bunnies are chirping...

  • June's got Peter Parker's reflexes and strength (closest comparison I can make at the moment...not saying she has spider powers), magical knowledge (or access thereto) on par with Giles from BtVS and serious over-stress and anger issues that remind me vaguely of some of Al Pachino's more erratic badman roles. That is not a healthy combination.

  • Ophilia appears, on the surface, to be a typical stereotypical goth/punk type character. But the recent episode "Magic Takes a Holiday" wherein she becomes the director of the play at Drama Camp, and her personality mutates into a Crazy Director From Hell that is at times oddly compelling, indicates she has hidden depths. This meglomaniacal trend should be monitored...she would likely have little trouble corralling the weak minded to her cause. Like a bond villain. Or Karl Rove.

  • Jodi is, it would seem, perennially happy. As in, almost incapable of existing in a state that does not include smiling and optimism. The danger here, of course, is the danger of Classical Overhappiness--in denying oneself the expression of negative emotions, one runs the risk of storing them up until they burst forth with the force of a 20 megaton nuclear explosion. It's increasingly likely as the ambient stress level rises that a precarious threshhold will be reached. And, like crossing the Rubicon, there shall be no possibility of turning back. We must be mindful of this when dealing with Jodi, who, I am convinced, if properly provoked for the sufficient amount of time, would raze no less than six city blocks to the ground in two hours or less using nothing save a straight razor and a Bic lighter, all the while impersonating Tickle Me Elmo.

  • Roger is ... well, any of you who've watched the show knows what Roger is. The rest of you have surely already stopped reading this entry. Do I really need to go on?

  • Marcus doesn't seem to have any proto-evil tenancies, at least none that I can see at the present. Perhaps it's good June crushes on him, then. He might be able to help her rein in her temper. Or perhaps he's just so suave and likeable because he's an international crime lord of some type. Perhaps he attended Lex Luthor's summer camp?

  • That leaves us to Ray-Ray. It's obvious this kid has issues, if for no other reason than he feels the world must pay for bestowing upon him such an easily made fun of name. He seems like a good guy, and is, all kidding aside, one of the show's best characterized players, as he clearly depicts how a kid might act to being in such a universe. But, to return to my previous weird rambling, it's obvious he likes explosions and loud things very much. Pyromaniac tenancies not good when person displaying tenancies has access to magical artifacts.

I take full responsibility for any brain cells lost reading this post. In compensation, I offer goat cheese. I'm sure your brain cells were probably more useful, but ... goat cheese is yummy, eh?

EDIT (Aug 5, 10:16 PM): I posted this LJ entry on Toonzone to see what (if any) discussion it generated. this is the ever evolving result.

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28th September 2005

liquidengineer06:08pm: Hi!
Just wanted to say hello to everybody, and thank you for setting up this community ... I was considering doing something similiar, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Aside from the occasional thread on Toonzone and the IMDB's admittedly bizarre community of commenters, TLatJL fans didn't really have a good place to congregate. I keep checking FFN to see if they've added a Juniper category yet ... I've got an idea for a couple fics, but don't really have time to work on them now.

Later days. :D

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19th August 2005

yami_no_link10:32pm: I made this community to bring together fans of "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee", because while Cartoon Network gives nearly all it's shows a second season to get it on track, I have a feeling that if we don't band together and show our support for this show, it'll get cancelled.....

This community is for discussions, fanart, fanfiction, icons, pairings, or anything else that is Juniper Lee related... I made it because there was not yet a Juniper Lee community, unfortunately I am new at Livejournal and will need help running it....
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